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resources that facilitate character education in the virtues or traits of loyalty, purposefulness, and commitment to others and tasks

  • Adventist Resource
    2010 Educational Brochure - Committed to Your Future Grade 5-Lifelong
    Adventist Education in Peru is part of the global network whose main commitment is with the present and future of our students. Our commitment is to your future because the scope of our education transcends academic and professional life. Our dream is to see...

  • Christian Resource
    Character Counts Preschool-Grade 12
    This website provides a wealth of character education resources featuring 6 pillars based on the book, Making Ethical Decisions (partly available online): trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

  • Adventist Resource
    Daniel - A Man of God’s Own Choosing Grade 9-Lifelong
    "Daniel made God his strength, and the fear of God was continually before him in all the transactions of his life."

  • Adventist Resource
    Heroes of the Far North Grade 4-Grade 8
    An inspirational story of heroism and devotion to duty. This is the story of a company of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their dog teams who in December, 1910, undertook a journey across 500 miles of wild, rugged, uninhabited country to deliver mail...

  • Adventist Resource
    Issues of the Sabbath Grade 1-Tertiary
    What is the rest mentioned in Hebrews 4:1 to 11, and how does it relate to the Sabbath? Hebrews 4:1 to 11 has been used, on the one hand, to support the fact that Christians should observe the Sabbath commandment; and, on the other hand, as evidence of the...

  • Adventist Resource
    Minding your Moral Conscience - Lessons from Huss and Jerome Tertiary-Lifelong
    This article presents the experience of John Huss as recorded in The Great Controversy to help show the limits of conscience and how to balance it with God’s Word.

  • Adventist Resource
    Personal Commitment and Social Identity in Seventh-day Adventist Work in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico - A Study Grade 5-Lifelong
    In this research, conducted in the Adventist Church in Chetumal, Quintana Roo in 2012, we worked with the objective of learning about the generators and detractors of church growth.

  • Adventist Resource
    The Choices We Make Tertiary-Lifelong
    This reflective piece details the author’s path to decide for herself to commit to God, and how her dream for her life changed.