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    Individualism and Government Tertiary
    This paper seeks to demonstrate the thesis that intramundane individualism owes its establishment in modern Western culture especially to salvation religions, and also to political and economic events. To this end, this paper presents four stages of this development,...

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    Religious Freedom - Universal Human Right Tertiary
    Religion is present in every society in the world. If in Aristotelian thought the human being is naturally political, he is also naturally a human being who believes in something religious or not necessarily religious. The balance of the relationship between...

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    Religious Instruction in Brazilian Public Schools Tertiary
    The present article addresses a common problem in the relationship between religion and the State: the presence of the subject of Religious Education in the curriculum of public schools. in the curricula of public schools. At the same time that the current...

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    Secular, But Not Really - Five Topics on Religious Freedom and State Secularism in Brazilian Constitutional Jurisdiction Tertiary
    Based on a broad collection of data on the jurisprudence of the STF, the STJ, the TRFs, and the State and District Courts, the general objective of this research is to identifi car which responses have been offered in Brazilian constitutional jurisdiction...