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Articles on how to nurture Christian growth in all stages of life

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    Children and Spiritual Gifts 0-2 years-Lifelong
    Do you want to help your children or students use their spiritual gifts to God's glory? Are you looking for ways to help them develop their talents? This article will help get you started.

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    Claiming Our Time With God and With Each Other 0-2 years-Lifelong
    Time may be the most important thing to give your children. Time spent with God is also vital not only to our spiritual life for for our families as well. This article addresses these and other important aspects of time.

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    Ministry at Home Tertiary-Lifelong
    Ellen White was a real person, with a real ministry writing for real people so she is relevant to us to day. This article shares some of her encouraging and relevant quotes for parents and families. The article also reminds readers of the importance of the...

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    Our Home Mission 0-2 years-Lifelong
    This article focuses on the mission of the home as an example and witness in the neighborhood.

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    Spiritual Leadership at Home 0-2 years-Lifelong
    This article discussed how to be a spiritual leader in your home.

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    Suppertime Devotions 0-2 years-Lifelong
    Family worship is essential for raising spiritually minded, grounded children. But it can be hard to find the time. This article presents a creative way to get family devotional time into a hectic schedule.

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    The Developing Faith of Children 0-2 years-Lifelong
    One of the big discussions in churches today is how to keep young people from leaving. This article looks at some ways that we can help children develop their faith and make it their own instead of just following their parents.

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    Time Savoring 0-2 years-Lifelong
    Time is an important resource for everyone in the family! Taking time out for kids, our spouse, and for God will have a huge impact on our lives. No matter how young or old you are the Sabbath can benefit you in many ways.