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research focusing on some part of the New Testament of the Bible

  • Adventist Resource
    Adam Where are You ? On Gender Relations Tertiary
    This study reflects author's thinking on the issue of women's ordination and the biblical text.

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    Biblical Hermeneutics and Headship in First Corinthians Tertiary
    This paper is focused on the headship passages in 1 Cor 11 and 14 in the light of the “Methods of Bible Study” document, which has been taken as the fundamental exposition of Seventh-day Adventist hermeneutical method to be followed in the study...

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    Paul Woman and the Ephesian Church : An Examination of 1 Timothy 2:8-15 Tertiary
    This paper provides an examination of 1 Timothy 2:8-15. To many the prohibition barring a woman from teaching and exercising authority over a man in Timothy 2:12 is nothing more than an historical example of the oppressive natural of ancient patriarchy.