Bible Doctrines, Part 1: The Christian Understanding of God and Human Existence

Initially designed for continuing education, this article is the first of two providing an overview of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. (Part 2 available here). What we think about God will affect our attitude toward everything else. Section titles include: The Reality of God, The Biblical View of God, God's Attributes, God's Attitude Toward the World, Deism and Pantheism, God's Activity in the World, God's Experience of The World, The Trinity, The Doctrine of Human Existence, Humans as Created Beings, The Nature of the Body, Body and Soul, Corporate Personality, A Christian View of Sex, The Image of God, The Human Condition, Dimensions of Sin, Consequences of Sin, The Meaning of Death, The Future Beyond Death, Collective Immortality.

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Richard Rice
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Note: No longer valid for continuing education credit in the North American Division.
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