CIRCLE editors have placed each resource into one or more categories (subject or topic). The browse section of the website allows users to "page" through these categories, viewing a list of subcategories and resources placed in each.


When Should I Browse?

Do you want to see what's out there? Are you just curious about what resources are available for Bible or Biology? Adventist Philosophy of Education? Or Small Schools? Then browsing is for you. CIRCLE is designed to be the "Google of Adventist education". Just as Google allows users to browse a list of web site categories, CIRCLE allows anyone interested in Adventist education to browse a particular subject area or topic.

For example, if you are a history teacher, select the Social Studies entry in the subject pull-down list. This will show you a list of subcategories, e.g. History/Global Studies, followed by resources for the broad category.

How Do I Find a Specific Category?

CIRCLE resources are organized into two main sections: subjects and topics. Subjects focus on curriculum or course content. Topics organize instructional and administrative tools. The subject and topic lists can be accessed from the top navigation bar.

If you don't find what you are looking for in the list of subjects or topics, try the category tree or keywords. The category map, like a site map, is a graphic representation of CIRCLE's category hierarchy. Scanning the keywords list may help you discover areas to explore. In both the category tree and keywords list, click on the selected word to go directly to the resources linked to it.

How to View All CIRCLE Resources

At times it may be helpful to view all resources in the CIRCLE database. To do so, click View All at the foot of the left 'Narrow Results side bar. Resources are displayed in date order, starting with most recent.

Viewing all resources is most useful when combined with filters to limit the list. For example, if you're looking for all resources of a specific type, like all journals or all computer software, narrow results by clicking on one or more options in the left side bar on any browse or search return page.

Remember that your filter(s) will remain set as long as you keep working in this browser window. You will need to delete the filters to change your search parameters.

Limit Resources to Your Interests Only

If you don't want to wade through a long list of resources that don't fit your level or specialization, but don't know exactly what you are looking for, try browsing categories selected from the pull-down menu or from the category map.  Within the list displayed, you can narrow results further using any combination of filters.