Keywords are yet another tool to help you quickly find the resources you are looking for. Please read below for more information about CIRCLE keywords.


What Are Keywords?

Often a resource may be related to a word or phrase that does not actually appear in the title. For example, Guide Magazine is a Seventh-day Adventist magazine designed for Adventist youth. However, the phrase 'Adventist youth' does not actually appear in the title. The CIRCLE staff have added a keyword entry which matches the phrase with the resource.

Every time you perform a quick search, and optionally when you use the advanced search, the list of keywords is checked for a match. Resources which are associated with a keyword which you entered are included in the list of search results.

How Do I Know What the Keywords Are?

A list of all of keywords in the CIRCLE database is available from the search pages. To access this list, follow the following steps:
  1. Browse any resource category, or perform a search.
  2. Locate the Keywords link on the right-hand side, in the side bar.
  3. Select the letter of the alphabet for which you would like to view keywords.
  4. Some letters have more than one page worth of keywords. If this is the case, you will see links to later pages of kewords starting with this letter.
  5. When you locate a keyword which interests you, you can click on the word. This will bring up a list of all resources which are associated with that keyword.
  6. Due to the dynamic nature of the CIRCLE database, some words may be shown in various forms. For example, both "applied arts" and "applied art" may appear in the list of keywords, and may show different lists of resources.