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In general we collect information such as IP addresses, visit time, web browser versions, and the pages visited on our site for the purposes of cataloging user demographics. This information is not available to the general public and is only shared with third parties in aggregate form or as required by law. The CIRCLE web site also uses "cookies" to keep users logged into MyCircle (see below) and to set search filters. Cookies are files that contain pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard disk. You must have cookies enabled in your browser for these features to work.

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The CIRCLE website contains many links to resources that we believe will be of use to our users. The inclusion of these links on our website should not, however, be regarded as an endorsement by CIRCLE or any of our sponsoring organizations.


Children's Privacy Policy

While resources are included for students who are children, CIRCLE’s target audience is Christian adult educators.  CIRCLE is not structured for young students, yet we recognize that educators may send their students to our website.  Understanding that the internet presents a host of possibilities and challenges for young students, we are committed to providing an online experience that is safe and rewarding for all ages.  Children who visit our website are free to access the various features offered without disclosing any personal information.  We neither solicit or knowingly collect any information from children directly or passively through the use of cookies. Should it ever come to our attention that a child's personal information has in some way been provided to us, we will immediately delete that information. Persons having any questions or concerns about our privacy policy may contact us.

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