If you are looking for a specific resource and know a word from the title or a keyword, searching will help you find the resource quickly.


How Do I Search the CIRCLE Database?

There are two ways you can search: quick search or advanced search. The quick search, in the top navigation bar, allows you to enter a word(s), phrase, or author's name. The advanced search form, accessed from any CIRCLE page, allows you to specify criteria to limit search results to specific levels, languages, audiences, religious origin, resource types, author, publisher, year published, and web address. Select any number of word, resource or publication filters to narrow your search.

What if Searching Returns No Results?

A No Resources Found return could mean that 1) there are no resources which match what you are looking for or 2) you need to refine your search. Here are some tips:
  1. Check the spelling of your search terms, e.g. keywords, phrase, or author's name. Use American English (eg. color instead of colour).
  2. Try entering synonyms, e.g. Adventist history instead of Adventist heritage
  3. Use broader terms, e.g. planets instead of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, etc.
  4. Use nouns instead of verbs, e.g. achievement instead of achieving
  5. Try the plural form of the word, e.g. textbooks instead of textbook
  6. Check filter settings.
  7. Check the keyword lists for a similar word or phrase
  8. Omit punctuation and avoid abbreviations, e.g. Ellen G White instead of E. G. White