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  • Adventist Resource
    Does It Really Matter? Choosing a Bible Translation for Use in Schools Kindergarten-Grade 12
    "Which Bible translation is best for your school or classroom, and how can you make use of digital versions of the Bible? This article will discuss these issues and help your school make a choice, informed by each school’s heritage and needs of...

  • Christian Resource
    Internet Christian Library Grade 9-Lifelong
    A guide to Christian resources on the internet such as Christian literature, Bible study aids, and Bible collections. This includes links to guides to early church history, commentaries on Bible prophets, and the works of writers such as Augustine, Thomas...

  • Christian Resource
    On-screen Bibles & Reading Plans - YouVersion Grade 4-Lifelong
    Read your Bible on screen via computer online or most mobile device (iphone, ipad, android, blackberry, palm OS, & more). Easily select language and version from many options. A range of topical, partial or whole Bible reading plans over a period (15,...

  • Christian Resource
    Online Bible Commentaries Grade 9-Lifelong
    A listing of Bible commentaries searchable online. The following titles are available: Adam Clarke Commentary, John S. C. Abbott and Jacob Abbott Illustrated New Testament, James Burton Coffman's Commentaries: Whole Bible, Barne's Notes on the New Testament,...

  • Adventist Resource
    The Bible - A Brief Survey of the Translation Process Grade 9-Lifelong
    "Among the many versions of the Bible available today, which one should you choose?"

  • Adventist Resource
    Why So Many Bible versions? Tertiary-Lifelong
    Thompson explains some of the reasons for various translations of the Bible, what makes a good translation, and who produces the best translations.