3 for 3 Offer

Market your Seventh-day Adventist school, college or university with a FREE banner on CIRCLE when you submit three resources you have created, supporting a biblical worldview. Resources could include 3 lesson/unit plans, 3 rubrics/assessments, 3 worksheets/activities, 3 templates, 3 video clips or any combination by 1 or more teachers at your school. When three resources have been approved, we'll email an invitation to submit a school photo for the free three-month banner advertising campaign.

For more information, email Glynis Bradfield.  Or, submit your resources online. Be sure to fill in your name, email and your school name while making the submission, so we can contact you when your school qualifies for this great offer!

1 for 3 Offer

Our home page photo pool reflects real Adventist schools, colleges and universities around the world. We invite Adventist education centers at any level and in any world region to submit captivating, horizontally-oriented photos with focus right of center (1-5 people best). If your school's photo is selected, you receive a FREE three-month banner advertizing campaign on CIRCLE. 

Photo submissions should be resized to 1,000x500 pixels and saved for web (less than 500 kb) in .jpg format.  Attach photo submissions to an email to Glynis Bradfield, including your name, email address, school name and the URL to which the banner should link.  You will be emailed once the photo has been reviewed (email again if you have not received a reply in 2 weeks, in case the email was lost).

Make an Offer

CIRCLE's mission is to link Christian educators who need resources with those who have resources.  If you have something to share that does not fit in either of the above categories, email Glynis Bradfield with your proposed contribution and we'll negotiate a deal.  Our gift to you is promotion online on a website visited by thousands each day, seeking information about Christian education.